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In 1962, 5th february, the greatest planetry alignment in recorded history occurred, which brought 'something' from a distant star, our answer to it being the rock music of the 60's.

At the present time, the influence on the Collective, or the world is as follows ... an echo, and repeat of the global influences of the 60's ..... much has happened already this year, although most of it has been 'hidden' by the media, and if humanity is to become free of the power Elites grip on our world, the 'Revolution' must continue .... I presume that the Maitreya awaits these events, and that if more of the truth were known, then more people would do something about it.


Uranus Square Pluto

Key Word: ORIGINALITY: Total revolution


You will be very sensitive to the phases of the Uranus/Pluto cycle. As Uranus takes 84 years to go around the Sun, and Pluto 246 years, these aspects are rare. Because Pluto has an irregular orbit the cycle varies in length. The last time the two planets met in conjunction was in 1966, the one before was in 1851, and the previous one was in 1710. At the present time, the square and opposition phases of the cycle come at approximately 30 year intervals.

  The contact between these planets brings dramatic and revolutionary change. Revolutionary new forms of power are discovered and utilised. 1966 was for example characterised by Flower Power, the computer revolution, factory farming etc. - very much expressing the nature of the sign Virgo in which the conjunction fell.

  As part of a whole generation born with this contact, your mission may be connected with revolutionary forms of consciousness, and the total revaluation of the collective vision of Planet Earth.



Saturn Trine Neptune

Key Word: SELF-RELIANCE: Dissolution of structure


As Saturn takes a little under 30 years to go around the Sun, and Neptune 165 years, they meet every 36 years. This conjunction cycle is experienced powerfully on a political level as the dissolution of government structures which have outlived their usefulness. This cycle is strongly related to socialism, and the last 3 conjunctions - in 1917, 1953, and 1989 - have seen major changes in Russia for example. If there are serious leaks, the ship of state sinks under this aspect. It evokes in the collective spirit the need to take concrete action to improve the situation of the underprivileged, thus much work will be done on hospitals and the social services at this time. The same combination also has to do with imprisonment, suffering and old-age.



Jupiter Trine Neptune

Key Word: WISDOM: Expansive dreams


As Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Sun and Neptune 165 years, the two planets meet in a conjunction cycle every 13 years. It is a time of spiritual progress. At this time humanity is gripped by great hopes concerned with an ideal future of some sort. People work to achieve Utopia - and though as a rule disillusion comes, there will be a period when people are joined in unselfish love for a shared ideal. This is a time when the bubble expands, when optimism exceeds all bounds, when the balloon rises to the greatest heights. Before everything comes down to earth again the human soul is enriched and touched by the divine. Intangible things become tangible in a magical way - there can be a special emphasis on music, art and the media.



Jupiter Trine Saturn

Key Word: WISDOM: Cultural values


Saturn and Jupiter are the giants of the solar system, each with their own systems of moons. As Saturn's orbit of the Sun takes nearly 30 years, and Jupiter's 12 years, they meet precisely every 20 years. This cycle is reflected by vast structural readjustments in society, inaugurating new periods of hope and growth. Every fifth American president is elected under this influence, the last two being Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy.

  The principle idea of this planetary aspect-cycle is initiating and building on new ideas and concepts about the future. As this influence can last up to a year, everyone born in this period will play a role in realising a future vision of structural growth in society, and some individuals will personalise the influence to become pillars of this new society. Ideas about banking and finance, building and construction, teaching and education, foreign and domestic policy, the rule of the law etc., will all be formulated, developed, run into trouble or bear fruit, during the different aspect phases. As Jupiter represents a new vision of the future, as well as justice and the law, whilst Saturn represents the executive, tradition and the structure of society, the interaction of these planets brings upheaval and adjustment on every level, as the past collides with the future.



Jupiter Opposition Pluto

Key Word: WISDOM: Transformation of beliefs


Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 years, whilst Pluto takes 246 years. Consequently Jupiter catches up with Pluto approximately every 13th year and. After 6« years, Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto, and every 3 years Jupiter is square Pluto.

  This planetary cycle is reflected in events which affect the world on a global scale. But if you have an aspect between these two planets in your birth horoscope, your personal efforts can be very significant in carrying out collective transformations. You will often experience major change at the conjunction, square and opposition - at these times you will discover what your destiny is in relation to this planetary cycle and society.

  This 13 year cycle show the ebb and flow of ideological and financial power. Mass changes of consciousness occur at the start of each new cycle inaugurating new collective beliefs. There will often be enormous ideological power battles in society. Jupiter/Pluto shows the disproportionate power exerted by small secret groups, for good or ill.



Jupiter Square Uranus

Key Word: WISDOM: Exhilaration


As Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, and Jupiter 12 years, they meet each other in conjunction every 14 years. This cycle is experienced on a collective level as a burst of technological progress and euphoria concerning change and progress. For example Armstrong took his first step on the Moon at the exact time of a Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in 1969. President Reagan dreamt up his "Star Wars" idea at the time of the next conjunction in 1983. Humanity is gripped by exhilaration and a new sense of its destiny. This influence also brings revolutionary changes to the organised education system, student rebellions, judicial reform, New Age convictions and radical new developments in travel - for example mass tourism. It is a time when there is a surge of revolutionary energy amongst young people and often an optimistic economic expansion.

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